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3 Dog Breeds that Are Almost Unrecognizable as Puppies!

bearded collie 2 blogWe can all probably agree that puppies, no matter what breed, are downright adorable. But some closely resemble their adult counterparts, while others grow up to look drastically different. Below are three dog breeds that are hard to recognize as puppies.

bearded collie puppy blog 2Bearded Collie: Adult Bearded Collies (pictured above) can easily be picked out of a crowd because of their long, luxurious coat. But Bearded Collie puppies (left) look more like fluffy little balls of fur. As they mature, so does their coat (and their grooming requirements).

saluki puppy blogsaluki blogSaluki: As goofy puppies (left), these dogs aren’t so sleek and elegant. But as they mature (right), Salukis acquire a very refined appearance, from their extra-long legs, to their distinctive face, to their feathered ears and tail.

tibetan terrier puppy blogtibetian terrier blogTibetan Terrier: Mature Tibetan Terriers (right) have long coats that typically grow over their eyes. Puppies, however, have short fluffy coats and their eyes aren’t hidden under any luscious locks.

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  • Tom September 2, 2015, 2:02 pm

    Borzoi puppies undergo massive metamorphosis. From “mushy” puppies that could be anything at a very young age to a shape even more extreme than a Saluki. At 21 days they could be anything

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