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3 Little Dog Breeds that Make Good Watchdogs

mini pin blogOf course, a dog’s number one job is being a loyal companion, which is something most canines are pros at. But some families also prefer for their dog to have some protective instincts. Large breeds typically come to mind when most people think of watchdogs, but don’t count out these three little breeds with big attitudes:

1. Miniature Pinscher (pictured above): If you’re looking for a fearless canine companion with a spirited personality, a min pin might be the right choice. These dogs are affectionate with their families, but will have a big attitude if an intruder dares come near.

pom blog2. Pomeranian: They may weigh in at less than ten pounds, but Pomeranians are known to have the tenacity of a much larger dog. This little dog is as cute as she is willing to stand up for her owner.

miniature shnauzer blog3. Miniature Schnauzer: This spirited little breed will not hesitate to bark when someone rings the doorbell. That being said, miniature schnauzers are also known for being very loyal to their owners, meaning these pups are as loving as they are protective.

Keep in mind that no matter what breed, the personalities of individual dogs differ. There are also plenty of dogs of all breeds and mixes in shelters that would make protective, loyal companions.

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