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3 Tips for Taking Selfies with Your Pet! | VetDepot Blog
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3 Tips for Taking a Selfie with Your Pet!

selfie blogTaking a selfie with your pet is no easy task, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to share our pets’ adorable-ness with the rest of the world! The next time you’re trying to capture that perfect selfie with Fluffy or Fido, keep these three tips in mind:

1. Don’t force it: Trying to pick up your wiggling dog and force him into a picture probably isn’t the best way to get a good shot. Instead, kneel down beside your pet if he’s already sitting for an easier, more natural-looking photo.

2. Bribe em’: Hold a treat in the same hand that you’re holding your phone. Let the treat stick up a little above the phone so that it catches your pet’s attention. As soon as you snap a good selfie, be sure to reward your pet with that treat and a whole lot of love.

3. Be quick with the trigger: Pets don’t always have a long attention span, so as soon as you two are in the right pose, snap that selfie and be done with it. If your phone has a burst mode (the ability to rapidly take several pictures in a row), consider using that option so that you’ll have plenty of photos to choose from without expecting your pet to sit through a long photo sesh.

Are you on Instagram? Tag @VetDepot in your pet selfies, we’d love to see them!

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