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3 Ways Dogs Show Their Love

affection blogThere’s no doubt about it, you love and care for your dog just like a member of your family.  If you’re pretty sure that Fido loves you too, you’re right! Below are three ways dogs show how much they care:

1. They make eye contact.

In the canine world, direct eye contact with another dog is typically interpreted as an intimidating or aggressive act. But when it comes to a dog’s human family, eye contact can mean something entirely different. If your dog’s body language is relaxed and he gazes in your direction, chances are his stare is a content one and you should gladly accept it as an act of affection.

2. They react happily to your voice.

It’s a great feeling when you call out your canine companion’s name and he comes joyfully running in your direction. A little praise from their favorite person is probably one of a dog’s favorite things, and don’t take that lightly.

3. They want to be close to you.

Whether your dog loves to snuggle up on the couch, leans up against you, or sleeps with his head on your feet, wanting to be close to their human is a common canine trait. When your dog has the choice between his own comfy bed and staying near you, don’t look at it as anything less than an act of love when he snuggles up close.

Spending quality time with your dog each and every day, whether it be going on a walk or working on some training, will ensure your bond continues to get stronger!

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  • Rosalie Rogers September 30, 2015, 8:15 am

    We have had Marley, a lab/mix for six years and he is our first rescue. He was picked up in Ohio by Top Dog Rescue on his last day before being euthanized and we became his lifetime owners. We have had dogs all our married life, 46 years, and Marley is the most responsive of all our other dogs. He is a leaner, the first one for us ever; he will stare lovingly at either my husband or myself while sitting and watching us watch TV. He does sleep on top of my bed but not under the covers. He lays with his back right up against my legs and stays this way most of the night. When he is ready to get up in the morning he will sit quietly facing me but will not disturb me. But, you cannot help but feel this 60 lb. animal hovering over you and needing your attention. Marley is without a doubt the most expressive dog we have had not to mention that he understands so much when it comes to food. He has one greenie after dinner and will not beg, bark, or misbehave until he gets one. He just looks at you with those big brown eyes until you realize you forgot something. If he hears “Marley needs a green, he will dutifully go to the rug where he is supposed to eat his greenie and waits. (Greenies have been know to leave a residue on my carpeting so he has to eat it on a throw rug in the family room). It is a sad thought that this animal who gives so much back came close to not existing anymore. I realize we lucked out with Marley but I would not hesitate to adopt another canine. Now, if only I could convince my husband that Marley needs a playmate. Maybe not such a big one. Marley is the largest dog we have had at 62 lbs. He is strong, smart, and an excellent watch dog even though we know he is really a big old marshmallow.

  • Ray Husher September 30, 2015, 12:44 pm

    From the time she was a puppy, Isabella our soon to be 3 years old Yorkshire terrier has slept with us. Nightly she starts out above the cover and sometime during the night she crawls under and spends the rest of the night. She gets up for bathroom duties just like we do and returns to her spot in the bed. Daily she is with me around the house and is never a foot or so away. If I nap, she snuggles in between my legs or up around my shoulders. What a joy to have in life daily. Humans could learn a lot from pets if they would just pay attention.

  • Rosalie March 2, 2016, 8:20 am

    Ray, I have to say it was nice to see that a guy feels the same way about his pet because most of what I read are from women. I know that my husband, who brags about Marley all the time certainly loves this creature who makes his presence known to everyone by his socialbility. Even when my 46 year old son is tinkering with some electronics on the family room floor, Marley will go sit at attention next to him like he wants to help. If he tries to ignore him, Marley will start licking his ear. Ya just gotta love ’em,

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