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3 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Heart Health

heart glasses blogWith tons of love and devoted companionship, there’s no doubt that pets enrich the lives of their owners. But did you know that having a dog or cat in your home might actually benefit your heart health? It’s possible for pets to improve cardiovascular health in the following three ways:

1. Less stress: Petting your dog or cat at the end of a long day can be a serious stress soother. Less stress in your life can lead to lower blood pressure, which is one of many factors that contributes to heart disease.

2. More exercise: It’s no secret that physical activity is key when it comes to cardiovascular health. Having a dog makes it a lot easier to get moving. After all, it’s hard to say “no” when those sad puppy eyes are begging for a walk.

3. A better mood: Several studies have linked depression to heart disease. For those suffering from mild to moderate depression, having a pet can reduce tension and be a serious mood booster.

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