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3 Weird Facts about Cats

weird cat facts blogNot only do cats make loving and loyal companions, they’re also fascinating creatures. Below are three weird facts you may not know about your feline companion:

1. Relative to their size, cats have the largest eyes of any mammal.

One of the many reasons cats make great hunters is their superb eyesight. Their wide eyes contain slit pupils that can open wider, close tighter, and change size more quickly than many other animals, making it possible for cats to see in varying levels of light.

2. Cats can smell with their mouths.

Cats have something called the vomeronasal organ, located between the hard palate and the nasal septum. Cats open their mouths and let particles in, allowing them to be analyzed by the vomeronasal organ.

3. Cats have whiskers on their legs. 

In addition to having whiskers on their chins, cheeks, and eyebrows, cats also have them on their legs. These whiskers help a cat with body awareness and navigation.

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    good facts about cats

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