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4 Canine Health Conditions with Odd Names

black lab tennis ball blogYou’ve probably never worried about your dog contracting Tennis Ball Mouth or Little White Shaker Syndrome, mostly because you’ve never heard of either of these health conditions before. Below are 4 oddly named health issues found in the canine world:

Little White Shaker Syndrome: This disorder causes a dog’s entire body to shake for unknown reasons, although it’s likely related to central nervous system disease. While Shaker Syndrome can affect any breed, it’s most commonly diagnosed in small, light colored breeds like Maltese and West Highland Terriers. Little White Shaker Syndrome is typically treated with steroid medication.

Dudley Nose: Dogs with a nose that is partially black and partially pink may have what is referred to as Dudley Nose. This means that the pink part of the nose lacks pigment. While this isn’t a huge health concern, the pink portion of the nose is more susceptible to sunburn, so it’s important for owners to have a canine-safe sunscreen on hand.

Tennis Ball Mouth: There’s no doubt about it, some dogs love nothing more than chasing, catching, and even chewing on tennis balls. The problem is, these balls weren’t designed with canine health in mind. The outside of a tennis ball is abrasive and can wear down a dog’s teeth over time. While this isn’t the worst health concern your dog could encounter, it might be a smart choice to switch out those tennis balls with more canine appropriate toys.

Wobblers: Compression of the spinal cord can trigger a dog to be off-balance and appear unsteady while walking. This condition is known in the veterinary world as Wobblers, and is most commonly seen in large breeds like Doberman Pinschers and Great Danes. Unfortunately, treatment for this condition often requires surgery.

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  • Lucinda September 10, 2015, 5:42 pm

    Another interestingly named condition is Happy Tail. A dog is so overjoyed to see the returning owner, that its tail will swing happily back and forth – hitting anything in reach. If this includes hitting a wall or furniture, the tail can swell, or the skin can break, causing bleeding from the tail.

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