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4 Reasons to Cuddle with Your Dog!

cuddle blogDogs are emotional creatures that bond deeply with their family. So, it’s not surprising that many dogs love to cuddle up with their human companions. Below are four reasons that a cuddle sesh with Fido is a good idea:

1. Better health: It’s been proven that snuggling up with your canine companion can reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

2. Better sleep: Studies show that sleeping in the same bed as your canine companion can sometimes help people with sleep disorders get a restful night’s sleep. Dogs instill a sense of calmness and safety that contributes to a more relaxed night.

3. Emotional healing: For people suffering from depression or dealing with a traumatic event, the canine-human bond can be incredibly therapeutic.

4. A stronger bond: Cuddling with your canine best friend can bring the two of you closer, making training sessions more effective and strengthening your overall relationship.

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