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4 Safety Tips for After-Dark Dog Walks

night dog walk blogIt’s that time of year again! The leaves are changing color, the air is getting a little cooler, and the days are getting shorter. While autumn is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors with your canine companion, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Fewer hours of daylight probably means more dog walks in the dark, so be sure to take the following precautions to keep both you and your pup safe:

1. Be seen: Obviously, when it’s dark outside, visibility is low and it’s harder for motorists to spot your canine companion. Invest in a reflective leash or harness for nighttime outings. Rethink your outfit too by avoiding dark clothing and maybe even wearing something reflective yourself.

2. Choose your route wisely: This is especially true for the ladies out there. Opt for well-lit areas and, if possible, do your after-dark dog walks with a friend or family member.

3. Bring a flashlight: Trying to clean up after your dog in the dark can be a challenging task, so bring along a mini flashlight for convenience. A light can also help you avoid tripping on uneven surfaces on especially dark streets.

4. Be present: Don’t text while walking and avoid using headphones. Staying alert will help protect you and your dog from nighttime dangers like oncoming traffic and nocturnal animals (like skunks!).

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