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4th of July Safety

4th of July is this week and that means lots of fun with family and friends. This also means BBQ and gorgeous fireworks! While these events are great fun for us humans, they can be incredibly terrifying and dangerous for our pets. We want you to have a fun and safe 4th of July this year! The following are tips to keep your pets safe this 4th of July:

Keep dangerous items out of pet’s reach- Matches, lighter fluid, citronella candles, and sparklers are examples of dangerous items for pets. The obvious reason being the potential to burn a pet. However, such items if ingested could be very dangerous for your pet leading to difficulty breathing, illness, and potential death. It’s best to keep these up out of reach and not allow your pet to be near when using them.

Picnic food- Even though Fido may be staring at you with his adoring big eyes which melt your heart, it’s not safe to feed pets certain foods. Dangerous picnic foods include grapes, raisins, chocolate, and avocados. Foods not suitable for pets can give them terrible indigestion and diarrhea. Not to mention, many foods are highly toxic to pets resulting in death. Fight the temptation to give in and only feed your pet their normal diet.

Create a safe place for pets during fireworks- Most pets are terrified of loud noises and 4th of July can be very stressful on them. Many pets become so frightened that they escape their yards and become lost. It’s best to create a safe environment for them and to not take them to any firework displays.

If you plan on staying home and not attending a firework display, bring your pets inside and keep them company. Try to go about your normal routine and if your pets become antsy try turning on the tv or some music as well as playing with them.

If you wont be home it’s best to keep pets in your house. Leave them in a secured room so they cannot escape to run away and become lost if they do become frightened. Include a cozy blanket and your pet’s favorite toys. Most importantly, this area should have no objects pets could swallow or destructively chew on.

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