Five Dog Breeds that Will Keep you in Shape!

by VetDepot on July 9, 2014

vizsla blogIf you’re one for maintaining that “beach bod” all year-long and you’re considering a new canine companion, you may want to opt for a breed that can keep up with your exercise routine. The following dog breeds are known for making fantastic workout partners!

1.) Greyhound: If you’re looking for a great running partner, this breed is usually up for the job. Greyhounds are also known for their sweet disposition, so they’re the perfect balance of active and personable.

2.) Belgian Malinois: These dogs are commonly used for police and military work, so you can count on a high-energy, intelligent companion. Belgian Malinois do best in active households where they can go on regular runs or hikes.

3.) Vizsla (pictured): If you’re looking for an active dog that’s into chasing frisbees, swimming, hunting, or other physical activities, a Vizsla may be the perfect match. This breed is also known for being highly trainable and generally happy.

4.) American Staffordshire Terrier: These dogs thrive when given a “job” to do, which can include things like agility or obedience training. Staffordshire terriers are people-oriented and strong, making many of them stellar workout buddies.

5.) German Shorthaired Pointer: These dogs love to participate in outdoor activities like swimming, running, or hiking. They’re big people pleasers and make awesome additions to households with active families.

These are just a few of the many breeds with athletic tendencies. There are also many lovable dogs of all breeds in shelters, so many of which would make fantastic workout buddies. Whichever breed or mix you choose, just be sure to find a good match for your activity level and lifestyle!

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