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5 Feline Superpowers

Okay, cats may not actually have superpowers, but they do have some pretty unique abilities.

Below are five feline talents that help them play, hunt, and explore:

1) Psychic Whiskers: A change in airflow can be enough for a cat’s whiskers to pick up on nearby movement. Cats also use their whiskers to check for signs of life in their prey and decide if a space is big enough for them to fit through.

2) Heightened Sense of Smell: Felines use their sense of smell to recognize enemies, seek out mates, and identify people and cats. What makes things more interesting is that cats have the ability to taste what they smell, due to a structure in their mouth called the vomeronasel organ.

3) Super Speed: Cats have natural predatory instincts and rely greatly on their speed. Some cat breeds can reach up to 30 mph for short distances.

4) Extraordinary Balance: Cats have a knack for climbing, walking along narrow surfaces, and perching themselves in precarious places. A cat’s tail helps her maintain balance during all of these activities.

5) Built-in Brakes and Shock Absorbers: The skin on a cat’s paw pads is much thicker than the rest of the body, which is good news because the pads serve as brakes when a cat is leaping forward and as cushions when a cat is landing.

It’s important to keep your cat healthy and in shape as excess weight in your cat can create health problems for her. Therefore, balancing a healthy diet and exercise is key to your cat’s health. The best way to keep your cat in shape is by playing with her. Playtime everyday with your cat will make a world of difference to her health by keeping her trim and fit. Many cats love to pounce on moving toys because they feel like they are hunting prey. Try dragging a toy on the ground to get your kitty moving and playing. Dragging a feather on the floor or dangling it near her will do the trick as well! Not only will you both enjoy playtime together, but you’ll be helping her stay healthy.

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