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5 Holiday Pet Photoshoot Ideas!


“This is the best cat tree ever! Where is it the rest of the year?”

For those of us who treat pets as if they are our own children (myself included), it isn’t too big of a stretch to plan an entire photoshoot around them for the holiday season! Let’s face it: most of the population loves looking at animal pictures, so why not show your family and friends that they are in your hearts this holiday season with a group photo of you and your furbabies?

Here’s a bunch of ideas for you to make your own custom pet-personalized holiday card – ranked from easiest to hardest. The “harder” concepts will require some photo editing skills in Photoshop. Or, if you can’t/don’t want to use Photoshop, you can do it the old-fashioned way, collaging photos and pictures together with scissors and glue! No matter what the end result looks like, it’s the thought that counts, right?

  1. Basic Holiday Scene – So this is the easiest setup possible, because all you need to do is set up a bunch of
    holiday decorations and have your pet pose in front of it. Chances are, you already have decorations set up around the house, which makes this an even easier task. If you don’t have any holiday decorations, you can buy some at your local dollar store or make some yourself! Make sure that there is nothing potentially dangerous or harmful like anything glass, flammable, or poisonous. The arrangement can be as random, messy, neat, or festive as you want. Do you want to go for the whole “Naughty Dog Ruins Christmas” or “Perfectly Organized Holiday Photo” vibe? It’s up to you!


    Stay classy.


    “Why can’t we play with the dreidel?” – Dog “Because you’ll chew it again like last time…” – Cat

    Apparently this person decided to implicate their dog as "The Dog Who Ate Christmas."

    “The Dog Who Ate Christmas” sounds like a great children’s book title, doesn’t it?

  2. Winter Wonderland Scene – This could potentially be easy if you live in a state where it snows, but if you are on the west coast, then you might have to get creative. Collect as many white things as possible – sheets, blankets, pillows, packing peanuts, confetti, you name it! Set it all up together in front of a white wall (or a wall covered with something white) or if you are feeling ambitious, paint a background on giant paper and put it on the wall. You can also dress your pet up in mittens, a sweater, boots, scarf, earmuffs, whatever you like! If you want to edit in some snowmen, snowflakes, trees, etc. into your picture then you can do that too! Maybe your pet is dressed like a reindeer and you can Photoshop in some actual reindeer?
    Two Chihauhaus Wearing Winter Coats

    “This snow smells like soap…oh wait…”


    “I think in this photo I’m going to try and bring the side ponytail back in style.”


    “Can we go back inside now?” asked the cat.

  3. Photo With Santa – This actually requires you to leave the house – unless you know someone with a Santa suit that wants to come over for a little bit. Dress your pet however you’d like (or not at all) and have your pet sit on Santa’s lap for a photo! Search the internet for local malls and shopping centers that have “Photos with Santa” and you might have to spend a few dollars for the picture, but it’ll be worth it.

    “I hope Santa doesn’t know about my secret pooping spot in the house…”


    “We would all like new beds to destroy, please!”


    “Why is this guy furrier than me?!”

  4. Creepy Christmas – If you want to go for a card that will just be weird and/or creepy for humor’s sake, then there are plenty of options for you. You can go to your local glamour shot photographer (or enlist the help of a friend) and have a vintage photo shoot, dress yourself and your pet in an ugly Christmas sweater and sit somewhere random (with a doll…?), or get really creative with it and switch your dog’s face with yours in Photoshop. The possibilities are pretty much endless, especially if you search for inspiration on the internet, which can be a very weird (and sometimes scary) place.

    Most serious Christmas photo of all time.


    Whose doll is that…?


    “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

  5. Role Playing – This will require proper costumes, background, and perhaps Photoshop skills, depending on what kind of story you are telling. You can go for a religious story reenactment, or make an advertisement for your favorite show or movie. If you want to be completely original and creative, make up your own TV show or movie title and make a mock DVD cover or movie poster! This could be especially fun if you choose well-known and iconic movie posters that everyone knows and loves.

    Which is which?


    Dang. This family is too cool, I can’t handle it.


    “Ummm, I think there may have been a mix-up…”

If you have a holiday photo shoot this season (or if you’ve already had one), submit your photo to us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram at @VetDepot! You can be featured on your page and everyone will see your amazing holiday greeting as well! It’s time to get crazy weird (or not) for the holidays!

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