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5 Lessons You Can Learn from Your Pet

happy dog soccer ball blogIf you pay enough attention, you might notice that your pet is a fantastic teacher when it comes to life lessons. From relationships to your outlook on life, taking cues from your four-legged companion might change your life for the better. Below are five lessons you can learn from your pet:

1. Live in the Moment: Pets don’t dwell in the past or overanalyze their plans for the future. They’re perfectly content with the game of fetch they’re in the middle of, the walk they’re on, or the comfy couch they’re curled up on. Try to emulate a little of this care-free attitude and you’ll be better able to embrace the moment you’re in.

cat nap blog edited2. Take Naps: A catnap in this sunshine or a cozy corner of your home could be just what you need to perk you up for the rest of the day. Don’t be afraid to pause for a little while to let your body rest and reset.

3. Be Curious: Have you ever noticed that your cat can stare out the window for hours or that your dog just has to investigate every new smell on a walk? Pets are excellent observers and never fail to investigate new sights, smells, experiences. Bring a little of this curiosity into your daily life and watch how much your world starts to expand.

4. Don’t be Afraid to be Silly: It’s hard to come by a dog that takes himself too seriously! Getting that playful energy out is so good for your mental and physical health. So, get outside, play, laugh, and enjoy yourself! Who cares who’s watching?

5. Show Affection: Pets don’t play hard to get. Whether it’s a face lick, a cuddle session, or a loving purr, your pet loves you and isn’t afraid to show it. Take a cue from your furry companion and let your loved ones know that you care.

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  • Heather February 23, 2015, 5:56 pm

    A perfect reminder from our furry friends!

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