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5 Little Things You Can Do for Your Dog | VetDepot Blog
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5 Little Things You Can Do for Your Dog

little thingsFrom their excitement when you walk in at the end of a long day, to their loving companionship when you’re feeling down, your dog does so much to make you smile. Below are five little things you can to repay your sweet canine companion for all that love:

1. Put Your Phone Down: We’re all guilty of it. From texting, to checking social media, our phones seem to be permanently glued to our palms. Make a conscious effort to put down your phone for a period of time every day and just concentrate on spending time with your canine companion. Your pup will appreciate it, plus, it’s a lot easier to play a game of fetch or tug-of-war with your hands free.

2. Share a Healthy Snack: Some “people foods” like apples and carrots have big benefits for dogs. Since these foods are full of fiber and low in fat, don’t be hesitant to share a bite with your canine companion. (Just be sure never to give your dog the apple core.)

3. Go Outside: It’s so easy to just curl up on the couch after a long day, but taking a little time to get some fresh air with your dog can reap a lot of benefits! A tired dog is a happy, well behaved dog and physical activity boosts canine health. So, get outside and get some fresh air and exercise together, and then feel free to snuggle up on that couch to unwind.

4. Go on a Pack Walk: Spice up your dog’s normal walking routine with a pack walk! Going on a walk with someone you know and their dog is a good way for your pup to socialize in a controlled setting. Pack walks are an especially good idea for canines that get too overwhelmed at the dog park.

5. Protect Your Pup from Fleas: A once-a-month application of flea and tick protection is an easy way to protect your pup from itchy and dangerous parasites.

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