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5 Lovable Dog Breeds for Families

When you’re considering adopting a dog there are many questions to ask yourself. Are you ready for the responsibility? Are my living arrangements safe and adequate for a dog? Among the many questions you ask yourself, a big question to consider is the breed. You may have always dreamed of owning a specific breed of dog, but what’s important to consider is whether that breed will thrive in a family environment. This makes it crucial to do your research on breeds you’re looking to adopt. Consider the following 5 breeds that we absolutely love:

Labrador Retriever– Labs are well known as being friendly and outgoing. They love to run and play making it important to ensure they will receive adequate exercise if you choose to adopt this breed. Labs are wonderful family pets as they get along with other pets and children.

Pug– Don’t let the Pug’s small stature fool you, these pups are clowns that are full of life! They are an even tempered but mischievous breed who love to cuddle. They make lifelong pals for adults, children, as well as other family pets.

Beagle– Known for their friendly and curious personalities, Beagle’s make a great addition to any family home. They get along with other pets and do very well with children. They are a loving and devoted breed who are highly energetic. If you’re considering owning a Beagle, their need for daily exercise for their health as well as to help burn up all their rambunctious energy is a necessity.

Collie– Collie’s are extremely devoted and loyal to their owners. This highly active breed loves daily runs outside as well as lounging at home with their human families. They are wonderful with children but may require some supervision when near other pets.

Bulldog- Bulldogs are a courageous, friendly and amusing breed of dog. Their kind and gentle personalities make them a wonderful addition to any home with children and pets.

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