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5 Reasons Cats Are the Best

(1) They are adorable- Have you ever met a cat that wasn’t cute in some type of way? Probably not! They’re small, fluffy and super cute to look at going about their day. Most cats love attention and petting from their humans. Watching them play will absolutely melt your heart. Not to mention, they are really excellent cuddlers, on their own terms of course.

(2) They keep unwanted pests away- A cat’s playful nature easily attracts them to small rodents and bugs who they can chase after. If your cat happens to catch a rodent or bug they are chasing, don’t be surprised if they bring you their catch. Cats are known to bring their owners “gifts” of this nature. While the thought of a mouse brought to your feet is cringeworthy, you must admit the sentiment is sweet.

(3) They’re independent- Cats are very self sufficient and independent. They don’t require much as long as their basic needs are provided for. Food, water, and cuddles keep them happy and content.

(4) They’re loving- Despite being independent, when a cat decides they want some snuggles, they’ll be sure to come to you and let you know. There’s nothing sweeter than the affection they will give you. If they purr while allowing you to love on them consider it an added bonus!

(5) They’re resourceful- It’s a known fact cats love a good snooze. Clearly that’s why a common term is a, “cat nap”. Kitties can make anything into their bed to achieve an instant cozy slumber. Your bed, couch, blanket, corner, cabinet, etc. You name it, your cat may find a way to make it into the perfect slumber abode. That takes talent!

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