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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away. Whether you already made plans or are currently planning how to celebrate with your sweetie, don’t forget your pets. You may not be able to take Sparky out to a nice dinner or give him a box of chocolates, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the day of love with your pet. Consider the following ideas to make Valentine’s Day special for your pet:

Buy a Gift– Since candies and flowers are not safe to give to your pet, a great alternative is a new special toy. If your pet has plenty of toys, or your pet is a small pet like a fish or iguana, consider buying a new special plant or decor piece for their aquarium. What should you get for the pet that has everything? Consider donating to your favorite pet rescue or shelter in your pet’s name.

Take a Special Trip– Your pet loves you unconditionally and will absolutely enjoy extra special time with you. Why not take your pal to a dog park or on a nice walk that includes a change of scenery? It will be a great way to bond and exercise, as well as a special treat unlike their normal daily outing. Check to see if your community is hosting any Valentine’s Day themed events for pets. Many communities host costume contests and meetups for holidays.

Have a Spa Day– Make an appointment with your local groomer to pamper your pet! If your pet is not one to like trips to the groomer, consider pampering them at home. Simply brushing their coat and giving them extra cuddles will feel like the royal treatment to your pet.

Enjoy an Evening at Home– Why not plan a special movie night with your furry pal? Throw on some comfy clothes, grab comfy pillows and blankets, and park it on the couch with your pet. If you prefer not to watch a movie, read a book to your pet. Any extra love you give your pet will be greatly appreciated and they will not complain.

Treats– Give your pet a special treat they don’t normally receive every day. Order some special treats on-line, make some pet safe homemade treats, or pick some up from your local pet bakery.

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