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5 Weird Facts about Fleas and Ticks

kitten scratching blogMost pet owners already know that fleas and ticks are dangerous parasites that pets need protection from, but we don’t know a whole lot else about these harmful pests. Below are five interesting (and sometimes alarming) facts about fleas and ticks:

1.  A flea can jump 110 times their body length. This is the equivalent of a person jumping the height of a 30 story building!

2. There are more than 850 different species of ticks.

3. A female flea can lay 20 or more eggs in one day, which can lead to the production of 20,000 new fleas in just 60 days.

4. Ticks are arachnids, meaning they’re more closely related to spiders than to insects.

5. Fleas have been on the earth for at least 165 million years.


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