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A Guide to Pet Collars | VetDepot Blog
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A Guide to Pet Collars

pet-collarsA collar may be both a functional necessity for cats and dogs and a fashionable accessory too.

Primarily, a collar is for identification. This is indeed essential, even if you only ever take your dog out on a leash, or, your cat has an indoor-only lifestyle. Accidents in the home happen – whether extreme weather forces a window out or a friend leaves a door open unintentionally.

These days, collars are made out of a variety of materials, and it’s a matter of finding the most suitable fabric that for your pet’s lifestyle. Ideally, a natural fabric is best, whether its bamboo, hemp or leather. Many pets are allergic to various synthetics which could cause them to scratch and trigger skin complications. So if your pet scratches around the collar a lot, once you’ve determined it isn’t fleas, it may be a good idea to replace the collar with a different one.

Groomers also say that synthetic fabrics tend to rub the hair away under the collar. So this is another good reason to inspect the area and perhaps make a change from time to time. When you are bathing your pet, make sure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. And when it comes to water-phobic cats, clean the area with a specially formulated bathing wipe for cats.

In regards to bathing, people often take the collar off for the tub and forget to put it back on again. Always make sure you’re diligent about replacing it so that your pet is never without ID. Set an alarm to remind you if necessary or hang it on the doorknob to catch your eye.

While a collar is de rigueur, they are not ideal for attaching a leash to when you take your pet out and about because any tugging on the neck is not only uncomfortable but in certain situations can also be dangerous. The answer is a nice padded harness that fits well and doesn’t chafe against the skin, especially on short-haired dogs. There are plenty of practical styles to choose from that are fashion forward too.

And, remember to microchip your pet because collars can, and do, come off.

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