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A Guide to Sharps Disposal for Pet Owners

Sharps ContainerDo you have a pet that requires routine injections?  If so, you have probably learned how to give the injections yourself to avoid frequent trips to the veterinary clinic.  With a little practice, giving injections to animals at home is not difficult, but it does leave owners with the problem of what to do with the medical waste that is generated.

Syringes and empty bottles of medication can usually be disposed of with the household garbage but the same cannot be done with needles.  Many owners store used needles in a plastic sharps container specifically made for that purpose.  Other owners reuse household containers like laundry detergent bottles to collect used needles. When these containers fill up, owners bring the needles to their vet’s office for disposal.  For owners of diabetic animals, some brands of insulin syringes for pets are packaged in a convenient all-in-one dispenser/disposal system.

Another good option is the BD Safe-Clip Needle Clipping and Storage Device.  This device removes dog and cat insulin syringe needles and pen needles and holds up to 1,500 clipped needles.

Whichever method of sharps disposal you choose, make sure you use it after every injection to protect yourself, your family and your pets from accidents caused by open needles.

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