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A Guide to Vet Visit Etiquette

dog waiting room blogFrom yearly wellness exams, to unforeseen illnesses or injuries, visits to the veterinarian’s office are inevitable for pet owners. For the safety and comfort of pets, their owners, and the staff, it’s important to practice good vet’s office etiquette. Below are a few tips to ensure your manners are up to par:

1.) Be on time: This one can get a little difficult when you’re trying to encourage your cat into a carrier and get out the door, but if you’re late, your veterinarian will likely be late to appointments for the rest of the day. Be courteous to the vet, the staff, and the other patrons by allowing yourself plenty of time to get to your pet’s appointment.

2.) Give your dog a potty break before your appointment: Before entering the building, allow your dog to go to the bathroom outside. This won’t stop accidents from ever occurring, but it is a good preventative measure to take.

3.) Opt for the right kind of leash: Extra-long leashes aren’t a good idea in confined spaces, so a retractable leash probably isn’t the best option for the vet’s office. Instead, keep your dog on a traditional leash that is sturdy and relatively short.

4.) Keep your cat in a carrier: You never know when an illness or injury will occur, so it’s important to have a carrier at home that your cat is comfortable with. While in the waiting room, your cat will feel much more at ease in a carrier than on a leash. Plus, everyone will be protected from those kitty claws.

5.) Give everyone space: Don’t assume that every animal is friendly or wants to socialize. Pets in waiting rooms may be sick, injured, or anxious, all of which can contribute to aggressive behavior. Be respectful by not approaching other people’s animals.

6.) Speak up: If your pet is particularly stressed, unsocial, aggressive, or fearful, don’t be afraid to let the receptionist know. It may be safer for everyone (and less stressful for your pet) if you wait outside until the exam room is open.

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