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Adequan for Joint Pain

arthritis-in-petsJoint protectants have become fundamental in the treatment of arthritis in pets as well as people.  Most dog and cat owners rely on oral joint supplements because of their ease of use.  However, another good option is an injectable joint protectant called Adequan.

Adequan is an appropriate choice for dogs and cats that do not like the taste of or cannot tolerate oral joint health supplements.  It should also be considered if you have tried an oral formulation and were not satisfied with the results.  Adequan is also used extensively for horses.

Your veterinarian can teach you how to give Adequan injections and write a prescription for the medication.  Because Adequan injections need to be repeated on a regular basis (your veterinarian will help you determine the correct interval for your pet), it is generally more convenient and cheaper for owners to learn how to give the injections themselves rather than have to travel repeatedly to the veterinary clinic for such a simple procedure. As always, it’s best to discuss any questions or concerns about pet medications with your pet’s veterinarian.

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