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All About Pet Insurance Coverage

insurance blogWhen the topic of pet insurance comes up, most owners immediately think of pet health insurance. While pet health insurance can be important, there are other areas where insurance and your pet may cross paths.

One area is homeowner’s insurance. If your dog is involved in an accident, like tripping a neighbor, homeowner’s insurance will generally cover the incident. However, there are exceptions. Dog bites may or may not be covered. Certain breeds of dogs are not covered by some insurance companies or require special riders. Behavioral evaluations may be requested in some cases.

Often, liability coverage may not be as extensive for a pet related incident as for general liability. An umbrella policy may be the best plan if you have a large breed dog.

Some companies will cancel a policy after a pet related incident – especially anything involving a bite. When purchasing a policy, always check if your dog’s history can be a help when it comes to cost. A few insurance companies will look at things like therapy dog certification and Canine Good Citizen titles.

Auto insurance is another area that might affect your pet. Generally, if the other driver is at fault, you can make a claim to their insurance company for veterinary bills if your pet is hurt in the accident. If the accident is deemed to be your fault, the bill is your responsibility. A few companies offer special pet injury riders. This might be worthwhile if your pets travel in the car with you often.

With any type of insurance, it is extremely important to read the policy thoroughly, including the fine print. Check both the exclusions and limits carefully.

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