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Amazing Animals That Overcame Their Disabilities!

joshNLNowadays it has become pretty commonplace to see inspirational animal videos posted on social media – especially ones that tell the heart-wrenching stories of disabled animals. These short videos usually start off telling a tragic tale of some kind, but always end on a happy note with the animal living a wonderful life full of love and new family. Stories like these exist because of the endless amounts of compassion and determination that animal lovers put forth to not only rescue these needy animals, but rehabilitate them into the loving companions that they have the potential to be. Here are a few special needs animals that are my personal favorites, and I share these to show the resilience and hope that animals embody:13892001_1402144576479172_9174853444178731022_n

  1. Braille, the Cat With No Eyes: This poor girl was found abandoned in Philadelphia, where she was then turned over to animal control agents and found to have a severe respiratory infection – in addition to being extremely malnourished and covered in fleas. Due to the untreated respiratory infection, one eye was crusted over, and another was bulging out of its socket. After being treated around the clock for the infection thanks to a couple of committed fosters, she ended up needing to have both eyes removed after a sneeze resulted in the other eye rupturing.

    Braille shortly after her surgery, with her stitches still in! What a trooper!

    After the surgery, Braille purred for the very first time in her short little life (this is where I begin tearing up), and has been improving every day since! She will be permanently living with her fosters, where she is already exhibiting a normal and healthy kitten personality that is nothing short of precious. Who needs eyes when you have the strength, spunk, and sense of adventure that Braille has?


    Now Braille is best friends with another kitten named Lily, and they do everything together!

    braillecroppedTo stay updated on Braille and her adventures, you can visit her Facebook right here where her mothers post about her daily antics!13428407_817715368328394_3211036562901652863_n

  2. Josh, the Paraplegic Pit Bull: Josh was found in a dumpster as a puppy and it was quickly discovered that he had massive blunt force trauma to his spine – which resulted in his back legs being unusable. After trying several methods of rehabilitation including water therapy and acupuncture, his owners decided to get him his own pair of wheels! joshrunningcroppedNow he can be seen zipping around the Chicago area on his wheels for all to see – and he obviously gets around very well! Josh has still been receiving physical therapy, and there is actual hope that he could possibly use his back legs some day. He is getting stronger every day, and doesn’t even need to be in his wheelchair all the time – sometimes he can be seen in his “scoot suit”!scootsuitJosh just celebrated his 2nd birthday recently, and he will continue his daily therapy to improve his chances of achieving ability in his back legs. Regardless of if he achieves this goal, it is clear that he is NOT giving up, and he is just scooting, wheeling, and LOVING his way through life – enriching all of the compassionate people around him! 13585024_824502277649703_1411088170203541811_oTo keep up with Josh’s progress and adventure through life, check out his Facebook page and like it to stay updated!


  1. Lily, the Lamb with Deformed Legs: When a little lamb was born as the runt of the litter and rejected by her mother, it was quickly realized that her legs were deformed and would probably not work properly. Vets surmised that she was so cramped inside of her mother’s womb, that her legs became tangled and didn’t develop properly. These same vets recommended euthanasia due to the mobility problem, but her owner had other plans: to give Lily the happiest life that she possibly could! “Lily was placed in my arms when she was just five hours old, she was so tiny weighing less than 2lbs and I instantly fell in love with her,” said Janell Jensen, her owner.lilycroppedMs. Jensen began bottle-feeding Lily with a synthetic lamb nipple, and began raising the little lamb as her own. As she began to grow, Lily could walk pretty well considering the crooked nature of her legs, but her owners decided to help her get around more easily! So what’d they do? Get her some wheels of course!


Now Lily gets around just fine and has several dog brothers that love her just as much as her human parents do! To keep up with Lily’s adorable antics, you can like her Facebook page for pictures and videos that her mama posts!


There are so many more stories of special needs animals being loved and rehabilitated by compassionate humans, and we will try to tell as many of them as we can. Stay tuned for more in the future, and just remember these three amazing creatures the next time you are faced with an animal that supposedly has “no chance” for a fulfilling life; they could beat the odds just like these little ones!

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  • Jaclyn Phillips August 10, 2016, 8:26 am

    I always say the only thing that limits an animal, is a human! So happy to see these dedicated people giving these animals a second chance!

  • Terri Tucker August 10, 2016, 2:54 pm

    Thank you for sharing these amazing babies full of life! Please look at the http://svasc.net/ face book page. They have been caring for special needs Muddy and Charlie. They are an amazing group of animals and people that love life!

  • irma basson August 24, 2016, 1:27 am

    Wonderful. Wish all humans had the heart and stomach to rescue any animal, on any given day.

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