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April is National Pet Care Month!

pet-care-monthVetDepot is proud to support National Pet Care Month! Pets make wonderful companions, but it’s important to remember that pet ownership is a serious responsibility. Bringing a pet into your home means a commitment to its care for the entirety of the animal’s life.

Most pet parents know that pet care includes choosing a healthy food and committing to routine veterinary visits. However, responsible pet care extends beyond these basic needs to things like training, socialization, and preventative healthcare measures like flea, tick and heartworm medication. Pet ownership also means making your four-legged companion a priority. No matter how hectic life gets, time should be put aside every day to go on a dog walk, play a game of fetch, or spend some quality time relaxing with your pet. A healthy, happy pet means less destructive behavior, lower veterinary costs down the road, and a stronger bond between pet and owner.

In honor of National Pet Care Month, VetDepot encourages pet parents to spread the word about the importance of responsible pet care!

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