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Book Review- Tiny Confessions: The Secret Thoughts of Dogs, Cats, and Everything

Tiny Confessions editedDo you ever wonder what’s going through your pet’s mind? With Christopher Rozzi’s new book, Tiny Confessions: The Secret Thoughts of Dogs, Cats, and Everything, you don’t have to wonder any longer. Rozzi is an artist, comedian and writer from New York City and his newest creation, Tiny Confessions, is set to be released on May 7, 2013.

Here’s our interview with Rozzi:

Who or what was the inspiration for Tiny Confessions?
Tiny Confessions definitely developed in a very organic way.  My father gave me an iPad for Christmas and told me about an art app that he had read about that could print out high resolution images.  He’s very into technology.  Soon after, I saw a woman on the subway drawing on an iPad with a stylus.  I had never thought of that!  Then a friend of mine who buys prints on Etsy told me that I should do paintings of dogs and cats, which are quite popular.  I was trying to find a way to combine my comedy and art together in a way that was fun for me.  I could never work on something that I didn’t believe in or that didn’t have some kind of humor to it.

Do you have any pets? If so tell us about them.
Yes, that’s the last part of the inspiration for Tiny Confessions, actually.  My father-in-law was moving to Florida and couldn’t take his Bichon, Willie, with him, so he gave him to us.  Definitely the greatest gift my wife and I have ever received.  Once I started walking him around the city, I immediately began coming up with his thoughts.  I knew that I needed a more specific idea for it to be original, so I thought of making it about confessions.  I have always found people’s awkward secrets to be funny.  Project that onto pets and monsters, or, say, a seashell, and it’s even funnier.

What has been your favorite part about Tiny Confessions?Aside from doing the work itself, [my favorite part is] hearing from folks who really find them funny.  I love knowing that people have them hanging in their homes and that they give them pleasure or make them smile when they look at them.  That’s the best part.  But if I can one day turn Tiny Confessions into a major animal charity that would be amazing.

Which Tiny Confession is your personal favorite?It’s hard to choose, but one that stands out is a cat that says “I could literally spend an entire day just pushing your phone off a table.”  That one was from personal experience, although really all of them are.

You can purchase your copy of Tiny Confessions: The Secret Thoughts of Dogs, Cats and Everything here or here, available May 7th, 2013.

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