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Breed Spotlight: French Bulldog

If you own or have ever met a french bulldog (also commonly referred to as a Frenchie), you know how cuddly and loving these fur babies can be. In addition to being super cute and lovable, they are protective of their families making them wonderful family dogs. Here are some facts you may not know:

Frenchies are affectionate. They are friendly dogs that were bred to be companions. They get along well with other dogs making them wonderful family dogs.

Can’t swim. Due to the Frenchie’s short stature, the breed cannot swim. This is important to know if you are thinking of owning a Frenchie and you have a pool. Great caution should be taken to ensure the dog will not fall into the water.

Talkative. While the breed may bark a little here and there, Frenchies are known for their unique talking skills. By talking skills we mean yawns, gurgles, and yips. It’s almost like Frenchies have their own secret language.

Heat stroke. Heat stroke easily hits Frenchies as they are a brachycephalic breed. Their squished face and short nasal passages make it difficult to breathe. Heat stroke can hurt the dog within minutes and can be fatal. This makes it crucial to ensure Frenchies do not become overheated.

Easily trained. Frenchies are well behaved and easily trained. Training a Frenchie can be a breeze (as long as treats as rewards are involved).

Varying colors. Frenchies come in an array of different colors. Some colors include brindle, fawn, white, black, and tan.

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