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Breed Spotlight: Siamese Cat

Well known for its big, gorgeous blue eyes, the Siamese cat is a well known domestic cat. They’re easily recognizable by their short glossy coat that may be a creamy fawn, chocolate, blue, or lilac point color. Their needs for grooming are not extreme which keeps maintenance fairly easy as their short coats require only an occasional brushing. It’s possible for this breed to live up to 15 years and as full grown adults, their weight may range between 8 to 12 pounds.

Siamese are an outgoing social breed that makes them a wonderful fit for families with children as well as other pets. They are vocal kitty cats who will tell you what they think or want by meowing. In addition, they love to be by their human’s side 24/7. It’s not uncommon for the Siamese to follow their human around the house during the day, sit on their lap, or to cuddle up with their human when it’s time for bed at night.

Siamese cats prefer not to be left alone much because they are so sociable. They don’t like to be lonely. Therefore, if you travel quite frequently or are gone most of the day, this may not be the best breed for you.

The Siamese cat has an incredible passion for its human(s). It’s important to remember this if you are interested in this breed as a pet. He or she will be interested in what its human(s) are doing day and night, which may be overwhelming for some pet owners. Being alone for long amounts of time will make this breed sad and lonely. Some Siamese cats are known to let their boredom and curiosity if left alone get the best of them. Their owners may come home to a messy house, opened cabinets, and countless other surprises due to a combination of the cat’s loneliness, boredom, and curiosity.

They are highly intelligent cats that are easily trained and love any toys their human may shower them with. In fact, many Siamese cat owners successfully train their kitties to walk on a leash! Their genuine curiosity about their environment keeps them busy throughout the day. They are talented jumpers that absolutely love heights. Having a perch or cat tree is a necessity if you own a Siamese as they will spend a good chunk of their day up high.

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