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Can Big Dogs Live in Small Apartments? | VetDepot Blog
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Can Big Dogs Live in Small Apartments?

mastiff face blogWhen people think of big dogs, they’re typically associated with a need for wide open space to run and play. While this may be true for some breeds, not all big dogs need a house in the country to be content.

The following large dog breeds are known for being quite calm and inactive during their adult years. This isn’t to say that these dogs don’t need adequate exercise and attention, they’re just perfectly happy to curl up on your loveseat after a short jaunt around the city streets.

  • The Great Dane
  • Mastiff
  • Leonberger
  • Greyhound

Other large breeds don’t do so well in a cramped setting. For example, Anatolian Shepherds might get anxious with the bustling city conditions. More traditional large breeds, like the Golden Retriever or the Labrador, tend to need much more activity than life in an apartment building allows for.

Before bringing any big dog into your big city apartment, consider the following questions:

  1. What is the breed’s noise level?
  2. Does your building have an elevator? Not all big dogs will have an easy time walking up stairs, especially in their golden years.
  3. How active is the breed?
  4. Will your schedule allow for enough outside time? All dogs need at least a couple of walks every day, even it they’re short.

For more dog breed information, be sure to check out VetDepot’s collection of dog breed guides.


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  • Zhinka Chunmee December 16, 2014, 5:51 pm

    I wish I could show you a photo of my 240 pound english mastiff, I am so thrilled your article lets people know that our mastiffs adore their humans!
    They do not need a lot of space, for no matter where their human is, they will be. Mastiffs are blanket dogs, aka, they love to blanket their owners with their bodies, they crave constant touch even when asleep.
    They truly do not need much space.
    Thank you for the article.

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