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Cat Attacks

jumping-catHave you ever walked past an open doorway in your home only to have your cat leap out and ambush you?  These “attacks” are usually a form of feline play.  If your cat is gentle and you don’t mind being stalked, there is no harm in letting the behavior continue.  But, if your cat is too rough or you just don’t appreciate being treated like prey, here are some ways to discourage cat attacks.

Make sure your cat is getting the mental stimulation and exercise that she needs.  When you are out of the house try putting a “cat video” on the TV or consider getting a fish aquarium (adequately covered, of course) or placing a bird feeder outside of a window.  Playing with your cat on your terms can give her an outlet for her energy and teach her more appropriate forms of play. Toys that move like prey usually attract the most attention or you can simply toss crumpled up pieces of paper or shine a flashlight or laser pointer across the floor.

If all else fails, bringing a second cat into the home may redirect your little predator’s attention away from you, but only acquire another pet if you truly want one.  Be aware also that multi-cat households have a higher incidence of behavioral problems like house soiling.  If all else fails or your cat is being aggressive to the point of injuring people or other pets, consult your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviorist.

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