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Causes and Treatment of Cat Dandruff

cat-dandruff-treatmentCats are fastidious creatures.   Through self-grooming, a healthy cat works hard to keep up a purr-fect appearance.  If your cat suffers from flaky skin, he or she has could have more than the feline equivalent of dandruff.

Several different problems may be to blame for flaky skin in cats.  A microscopic parasite called Cheyletiella can cause cats to develop flaky skin and itching.  In fact, the disease that results from Cheyletiella mites often goes by the name “walking dandruff” because the flakes will sometimes move around when attached to a parasite.  Thankfully, there are several  pet medications that kill Cheyletiella parasites. Three treatments of either Frontline Spray (Frontline Top Spot) or  Revolution for cats (applied every 2 weeks) will act as an effective cat dandruff treatment if parasites are to blame.

Another common cause of flaky skin and itching in cats is allergies.  Feline allergies can be caused by ingredients in their food or environmental triggers like pollen, mold, fleas or dust mites.  Severe cat allergies can lead to scratching and biting to the point of developing areas of hair loss and skin lesions.  If you suspect feline allergies, talk to your veterinarian about the best way to diagnose and treat the condition.  Mildly allergic cats can benefit from oral Omega-3 supplements like  Dermaquin or topical skin care treatments like Dermoscent

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