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Celebrating Easter with Your Pet

Easter is this week! Wondering how to celebrate? There are many pet friendly ways to celebrate Easter with your special pal.

Local Activities- Check with your local community to see if there are any pet themed Easter events being planned. Many communities will host costume contests and meet ups to celebrate Easter. If none are planned, consider getting together with some friends at a local pet park or hosting a play date at your place.

Host a Dog Friendly Egg Hunt- An egg hunt will be a fun treat for your dog and his pals as long as it’s done safely. The eggs used should be hardboiled only. No plastic eggs, plastic grass, or candy should be made available as they can potentially be a life threatening hazard. Make sure you count the number of boiled eggs you put out to be hidden so that none are left behind.

Dress Your Pet Up- Make or buy a cute Easter themed costume for your pet to wear. Simply putting some bunny ears on your pet will do the trick. Think of all the cute pictures you’ll have! If you’re already planning on taking your kids to have a picture taken with the Easter Bunny, see if your dog can be part of the picture as well.

Easter Baskets Aren’t Just for Kids- Consider giving your pet a pet friendly easter basket full of pet friendly treats and toys. Fill it up with all your pet’s favorites as well as some new things to try. Ensure the basket does not contain plastic eggs, candy or plastic grass.

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