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Celebrating Halloween Safely

Halloween is just under a week away! With all the excitement in the air, now is a great time to reflect on how to make this Halloween the safest for you and your pets. We hope you find the following suggestions helpful in enjoying Halloween with the whole family!

  • If your pet is going to walk with you and the kids while trick or treating, ensure they are wearing their ID tag and are on a leash. Even the most obedient pets can get spooked by all the ghostly decorations outside causing them to run off. Keeping your pet on a leash near you is the best way to avoid this. This is very important for your pet’s safety. With all the lively trick or treaters comes more traffic which could be a potentially dangerous situation if your pet were to run off. Even if you plan on staying at home and passing out candy, keeping your pet properly restrained will be the safest preventative measure for them. The noisy trick or treaters and consistent knocks and door bell rings may cause your pet to panic and run. In the event your pet does run off, having their ID tag on will greatly aide in their homecoming.


  • Keep candy and treats up and out of the way of reach. Sweet treats can be just as tempting for our pets as they are for us humans. Keeping treats up and out of eye sight will deter even the most determined pet from getting into treats that may make them sick and may possibly be deadly for them. In addition to candy and treats, props from costumes and decorations should be kept out of reach as they may create a choking hazard.


  • Candles in jack-o’- lanterns look beautiful but can injure a curious pet. Our four legged pals don’t understand that the beautiful flicker from candles hurts badly. The safest measure to take to avoid a possible catastrophe is to use a battery powered candle rather than the real thing.

Taking a few extra precautionary measures will ensure you and your pet have a wonderful and safe Halloween.

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