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Chronic Disease in Pets on the Rise [Chronic Disease Infographic]

According to a recently released report by Banfield Pet Hospital, there has been a dramatic upswing in the number of pets suffering from chronic diseases since 2007. Chronic diseases include conditions like high blood pressure, kidney disease and diabetes. One of the most drastic increases reported was the increase in cases of arthritis among pets. Between 2007 and 2011, instances of canine arthritis increased by 38% and instances of feline arthritis shot up by a staggering 67%.

Perhaps the most worrisome statistic that came out of Banfield’s report was the upswing in pets that are overweight or obese. Instances of pets that are overweight or obese have increased by 37% in dogs and an alarming 90% in cats. These percentages are cause for concern because pets that suffer from obesity are at an elevated risk of acquiring a chronic disease. Check out VetDepot’s Chronic Disease Infographic to learn more about the connection between the rise in chronic disease and obesity in pets.

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