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Compulsive Cat Behaviors | VetDepot Blog
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Compulsive Cat Behaviors

Cats are known and loved for their playful and often eccentric behavior. Any cat lover can tell you that every kitty has his quirks and unique interests. While one kitty may be wild about string, another may prefer chasing after paper balls or go crazy over the sound of a nail file. However, from time to time a feline’s quirks can drift into the realm of compulsive behavior and become harmful to your kitty’s health and well-being.

Kitty compulsions may appear very similar to normal behavior. Common compulsions include activities like grooming and eating, however the compulsive nature of the behavior becomes destructive to your cat through constant repetition. Some cats may overgroom, causing bald patches and skin lesions. Another common feline compulsion is sucking or eating fabric. Eating non-food items may cause an intestinal obstruction, which could be fatal to your kitty.

If you suspect that your cat is exhibiting compulsive behaviors, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian.  Your vet can determine if a medical condition is causing your cat’s compulsive behavior. Fun toys like Kong Wubba Cat Mouse can help keep kitty entertained if boredom is a factor in his destructive behavior. You may also want to try giving your cat a dietary supplement like Composure to help reduce his stress. Your veterinarian can help you think of more ways to reduce stress in your kitty’s environment to help get your furry friend back to his fun, frisky self.

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  • doug July 24, 2012, 7:52 pm

    My son’s cat, about 7 years old, has suddenly started defecating in the living room…on a throw rug. When the rug is removed, he has done it on a blanket on the couch. He doesn’t (the cat, that is) urinate in the house, uses the litter box on the balcony. His sibling, a female, does not do anything out of the ordinary. The male seems to be trying to commuicate something with this behavior.

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