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Cosequin Helps Pets Cope with Joint Pain

little_dog_running_snow1-150x150Just like their owners, many pets experience some form of joint pain as they mature in age. Luckily, Cosequin offers a complete line of joint supplements for dogs, cats, and horses to help support your pet’s healthy joint function.

Over time, a pet’s joints break down under stress. The reduction of joint function associated with arthritis can cause pain and reduce mobility for your pet. All pets are at risk of experiencing joint pain, but animals that are overweight or have weak muscles are especially prone to joint problems.

Plenty of exercise, maintaining your pet’s healthy weight, and stepping up your pet’s healthy lifestyle routine with a glucosamine chondroitin supplement like Cosequin are all smart steps to take in combating joint disease.

Cosequin supplements can aid in keeping your pet healthy and active for as long as possible. To best suit the needs of each individual pet owner and their animals, Cosequin joint supplements are available in several forms and quantities. Whether you need a feline specific joint supplement or a supplement specifically targeting healthy hips, Cosequin makes a product to fit the needs of your pet.

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