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Crate Training Essentials Part Four: Other Uses

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•A dog crate that is securely fastened down is one of the safest ways for your dog to travel in a car. If your dog ever has to travel by airplane, he’ll already be accustomed to feeling comfortable and safe in his crate.

•A dog who has been crate trained will be less stressed if he has to stay overnight at the veterinary hospital because he is already used to having his own small area where he rests.

•If you have company and your dog is not great with small children, he can be safely crated in a quiet room. He will be less stressed and so will you.

•A puppy can get into plenty of mischief if you aren’t watching him every second. Puppy proofing your house is not always 100%. In addition, many dogs go through a “juvenile delinquent stage” at about a year of age. Suddenly your trustworthy pup is chewing things, getting into trouble, etc. Leaving him safely in his crate when you can’t watch him not only keeps him safe, but also keeps your house and possessions safe.

•If you plan to travel or compete with your dog in dog sports, you will need a crate for hotel rooms and competition sites. A dog who has been crate trained relaxes and rests happily in his crate.

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