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Deciding Which Glyco-Flex Product is Best for Your Pet

glyco-flexGlyco-Flex is a nutritional supplement that helps owners prevent and treat osteoarthritis and other types of joint disease in their animals. Because the product line is designed to treat animals at various stages of degenerative joint disease, owners often wonder which Glyco-Flex product is best for their pet.

The decision is most complicated for dogs. Glyco-Flex Classic is best used to help prevent or delay disease in young animals that are at risk for developing degenerative joint disease or simply to promote joint health in any dog. Glyco-Flex Classic is made from Green Lipped Mussels (Perna canaliculus), a scientifically proven ingredient that adds omega-3 fatty acids, chondroitin, glycosaminoglycans, and other bioactive compounds to the diet. The 300 mg tablets are ideal for small dogs while the 600 mg tablets are meant for larger individuals.

Once a dog has been diagnosed with joint disease, it is time to move to a Glyco-Flex that includes Green Lipped Mussels and other active ingredients to help keep joints as healthy as possible. Glyco-Flex I is designed to help ease pain and inflammation caused by mild arthritis and the early stages of degenerative joint disease. It is commonly given to younger dogs to promote joint health, encourage an active lifestyle, and keep pets slim.

Older dogs that are suffering from moderate arthritis/degenerative joint disease benefit from Glyco-Flex II, which helps to help cushion and lubricate joints and ease pain and discomfort. Finally, elderly dogs in need of maximal joint support should be moved to Glyco-Flex III, the most powerful formulation available that eases pain and inflammation, rebuilds cartilage, protects bones, and cushions joints.

The feline Glyco-Flex product line is similar to that designed for dogs. Glyco-Flex I for Cats contains Green-Lipped Mussel and is recommended for younger cats that need joint and connective tissue support. Glyco-Flex II for Cats contains more active ingredients and is ideal for adult cats with existing joint disease. Maximal joint and connective tissue support is included in Glyco-Flex III for cats, which is designed for elderly individuals with severe arthritis/degenerative joint disease or for patients recovering from orthopedic surgery, trauma, or joint injury.

The Glyco-Flex I, II, and III product line for dogs and cats is available as tablets or soft-chews.

A two stage Glyco-Flex protocol is available for horses. Glyco-Flex EQ Pellets and Powder are made from Green Lipped Mussels to provide active individuals with glycosaminoglycans and other compounds that support connective tissue, joints, cartilage, synovial fluid, ligaments, and tendons. Glyco-Flex II EQ Pellets and Powder contain glucosamine, manganese, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) in addition to Green-Lipped Mussels for the extra joint support needed to treat pain and inflammation in aging horses.

No matter what type of joint disease your dog, cat, or horse has, a Glyco-Flex product is available that can help.

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