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Deciphering Your Pet’s Prescription

desiphering prescription blogHave you ever looked at one of your pet’s prescriptions and noticed that it appears to be written, at least in part, in a foreign language?

Veterinarians use a lot of abbreviations when writing out prescriptions. They aren’t intentionally making their instructions impossible to understand, but owners might have some difficulty deciphering them nonetheless. Thankfully, most pet pharmacies are knowledgeable about veterinary lingo, but it certainly doesn’t hurt for the owner to double check to make sure what is printed on their pet’s medications matches what is written on the doctor’s prescription.

Acronyms that commonly appear on veterinary prescriptions include:

AD          right ear

AS           left ear

AU          both ears

BID         twice daily, every 12 hours

D/C        discontinue

EOD       every other day

IM          intramuscular

IN           intranasal

IV           intravenous

NPO       nothing by mouth

OD          right eye

OS          left eye

OU         both eyes

PO          by mouth

PRN       as needed

q             every (e.g., q4hrs means every 4 hours)

QD          once daily, every 24 hours

QID        four times daily, every 6 hours

QOD       every other day

Rx           prescription

SC           under the skin

SID         once daily, every 24 hours

SQ           under the skin

TID         three times daily, every 8 hours

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