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Decoding Your Puppy’s Body Language

german shepherd puppy yawn blogFrom personality to play style, there’s a lot to get to know about your new puppy. To make things tougher, a puppy’s body language can sometimes be a little confusing to understand. Below are the explanations behind three common puppy behaviors:

Teeth baring: Don’t mistake this behavior for an aggressive snarl. Sometimes, puppies show their teeth as a sign of submission. A snarl typically reveals the front canine teeth, while a grin of submission is more horizontal and creates little wrinkles at the corners of a puppy’s mouth.

Bowing: If you’ve ever noticed your puppy pressing his front legs into the floor while his rear is up in the air, he probably wants to play. If he gives you the puppy dog eyes while bowing, he’s asking you to join in.

Yawning: Of course, a yawn can mean that your puppy is sleepy. But if your puppy is in a stressful situation, yawning can also mean your puppy is upset or anxious.

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