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Denamarin Supports Liver Health

Denamarin-liver-healthDenamarin, the newest product manufactured by Nutramax Laboratories Inc., is a supplement for maintaining liver health in dogs. Denamarin contains an innovative combination of medications that are potent for liver health. The primary ingredient in Denamarin is S-adenosylmethionine (also called SAMe). SAMe is a precursor for a compound called glutathione, which acts together with other compounds in the body as a potent antioxidant that may be helpful in repairing and preventing the death of liver cells.  Denamarin also contains a second product, Silybin. Derived from milk thistle, Silybin is another compound that helps support normal liver health and repair. The combination of these two medications can do a lot to help the liver repair itself in a variety of mild to severe liver conditions.

Liver diseases can occur for a variety of reasons in pets. Primary liver disease may be caused by many different things, including bacterial infections, toxins, and immune-mediated hepatitis. Diseases of other systems of the body, such as gall bladder disease and pancreatic disease can also cause liver disease. Fortunately for your pet, the liver does have some regenerative capabilities. It can repair itself over time and may even allow your pet to make a complete recovery. Supplements like Denamarin can help your pet’s liver recover faster so your furry friend will feel better sooner.

Only your veterinarian can diagnose your pet with liver disease and determine the its underlying causes. Your vet may prescribe immunosuppressive medications or antibiotics. Pet supplements like Denamarin can make a world of difference and sometimes eliminate liver disease without the use of more potent drugs. Usually bloodwork is necessary to determine a diagnosis of liver disease, and your veterinarian might also perform x-rays or ultrasounds as well. Sometimes a liver biopsy must be performed to determine the type of liver disease present in your pet.

Denamarin comes as tablets for both cats and dogs of all sizes as well as a chewable tablet for just dogs as well, making it easy to administer those medications to your pet. It has very few side effects and can provide much needed support for a variety of liver diseases. If your dog or cat is suffering from liver disease, ask your veterinarian about Denamarin.

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