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Disaster Preparedness Kit for Pets

disaster preparedness blog editedNobody wants to encounter an emergency situation, but it’s important to be prepared. Whether it be a hurricane or an earthquake, disasters are an unfortunate part of life. It is important for families to have a plan along with extra food and supplies. Families with pets should include their animals in the planning.

Below is a list of items to include in your pet’s disaster preparedness kit:

  1. Water: It is recommended to keep at least a week’s worth of water for each pet. 
  2. Pet Food: Keep at least seven days worth of pet food in your kit. Include a can opener if necessary and a couple of portable bowls.
  3. Cleaning Supplies: If you have a cat, make sure your kit includes a small litter box, a scoop, and a one-week supply of litter. For dogs, make sure you have plenty of plastic bags. Paper towels and disinfectant are a smart idea too.
  4. Medication: Keep a list of medications and instructions for each pet. If possible, include a two-week reserve supply of pet medications in their original packaging.
  5. First Aid Supplies: Compile a first aid kit for pets that includes gauze, tweezers, a thermometer, and other emergency basics.
  6. Leash and Collar: Have these items ready so you can easily transport your pet.
  7. Comfort Items: Many pets can sense something is wrong, which can cause stress. Include a toy, a blanket, or another comfort item in your kit to make your pet feel safe and secure.
  8. Important Paperwork: Make a copy of your pet’s medical records, microchip information, pet insurance policy, adoption papers, and any other important documents.
  9. Veterinary Information: Make a list of phone numbers including your regular vet’s office and an emergency clinic in your area.
  10. Photos: Keep some recent photos of your pet in your kit in case you become separated.

Pets should not be left behind in an emergency situation. It’s best to do research ahead of time to find boarding facilities and pet-friendly motels in surrounding areas.

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