Do Dogs Really Need Sweaters?

by VetDepot on January 16, 2014

husky hoody blogWith cold winter weather affecting much of the country, some owners might be wondering if their canine companion needs to bundle up before venturing out for a walk.

The answer depends on the dog. If you own a healthy Siberian Husky or another northern breed, it’s probably a safe bet that a doggy jacket isn’t necessary for a quick walk.  However, there are many dogs that could benefit from protection from the elements, including:

  • Elderly dogs
  • Dogs with a chronic illness
  • Small dogs
  • Dogs with a thin body type (e.g., Greyhounds)
  • Short-haired breeds

Basically, any dog that has difficulty retaining heat in its body can benefit from a warm winter coat or sweater. If your home is cold and your dog falls into one of the above categories, you might consider leaving a light sweater on your pet while indoors as well. Whenever purchasing an item of clothing for your dog, think about safety. Make sure it fits well and it doesn’t have any loose pieces that could be a potential choking hazard.

When in doubt, having an extra sweater for your dog around the house during the winter months certainly doesn’t hurt. If nothing else, it will be help keep your dog dry while on a walk, saving the trouble of cleaning up a soaking wet dog once you’ve returned home.

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