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Dog Allergies and Bathing

dog-allergies-and-skin-conditionsThe most common types of canine allergies are primarily caused by a dog’s skin coming in contact with allergens.  Pollen, mold spores, dust mites and other triggers become trapped in a dog’s coat and can cause scratching, licking, redness and discomfort.  It should come as no surprise that bathing is an important part of treatment for these unpleasant symptoms.

As a dog owner, you may have been told to be careful not to bathe your dog too frequently; that you could dry out your dog’s coat and create more problems than you solve.  While this may have some validity for pets with healthy skin, dogs that are prone to allergies benefit greatly when allergens are regularly removed from their coats through bathing.

When bathing on a weekly or even more frequent basis, it is important to use a shampoo that is gentle and free of unnecessary and potentially irritating chemicals.  Avoid flea and tick shampoos and medicated shampoos, unless they have been prescribed by your veterinarian.  Good choices include shampoos that contain oatmeal, aloe, both oatmeal and aloe, omega-3 fatty acids and moisturizers.  If skin dryness is a problem, conditioners may also help.

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