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Dog Breed Spotlight: Maltese

The Maltese is a toy breed known for their sweet but brave temperament. They make wonderful companion and therapy dogs. The Maltese loves to be with their humans and can often be found sitting on their human’s lap.


Their long silky coat and small stature makes them as cute as a button and a favorite amongst dog breeds. Their big black eyes are full of love and adventure. While they prefer to be on their human’s lap, they enjoy their exercise that includes playtime and daily walks.


Shedding is infrequent but their beautiful coats do require weekly grooming. Their gorgeous hair can nearly hang to the ground if left to grow. This makes it important to comb their hair every other day to prevent tangles.


The Maltese is a highly intelligent breed that is easily trained. Their adorable stature and affectionate nature make them incredibly cherished amongst their owners.

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