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Dog Nail Care 101

Trying to keep your 70 lb. Lab still long enough to trim his nails may seem like a daunting task- and you’re right- but nail trimming is an important part of dog grooming.  Thankfully, the proper tools and a little bit of knowhow can make the nail trimming process a little easier.

Toenails that are too long can be hazardous, both for you and your dog. Long nails can puncture a dog’s foot or get snagged and ripped offouch! Nail trimming avoids this painful ordeal for your dog and keeps people safe too by deterring accidental scratches.  Nails that are too long also prove to be a problem for wood flooring and other areas of your home. To avoid all of these situations, its best to practice proper nail care for your pup.

Start with a high-quality sharp nail tool and remember to keep your pet’s size in consideration when choosing a nail trimmer.  Only trim away a little bit of nail at a time to avoid hitting the nerves and blood vessels that are located nearest to your dog’s toes. A nail file can also be used if you’re afraid of cutting too much away. Keep your dog as calm as possible while trimming for his comfort and to reduce your stress.  It might take a couple of attempts before your dog is comfortable with nail trimming, so when your dog does well, don’t forget to give him plenty of praise and maybe even a treat!

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