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Don’t Attempt to Treat these 5 Pet Emergencies at Home

corgi vet blogWhen your pet is experiencing an emergency situation, it’s important to get to a veterinarian right away. While knowing emergency first aid is important, wasting time doing research about your pet’s condition on the internet or attempting to administer treatment at home can be a dangerous mistake.

1. Seizures: If your pet experiences a seizure, immediately contact a veterinarian for advice. A seizure that lasts more than a few minutes requires immediate veterinary attention.

2. Heavy bleeding: Any wound that is actively bleeding or especially deep should be checked out by a veterinarian. Head and chest wounds are particularly dangerous.

3. Persistent diarrhea or vomiting: An upset stomach happens from time to time, but if it doesn’t let up, it’s time to contact a veterinarian. A foreign body obstruction or another potentially dangerous condition could be to blame.

4. Fracture: Limb fractures are a serious injury. If your dog or cat is experiencing limb lameness, swelling, deformation, or a grinding or popping sound, seek veterinary attention right away.

5. Poison ingestion: If your pet has ingested anything dangerous (from household cleaners to toxic foods), immediately seek help from a veterinarian. Symptoms vary depending on the poison ingested.



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