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Don’t Forget about Exotic Pets During Pet Dental Health Month!

exotic pet dental blogNational Pet Dental Health Month tends to concentrate on dogs and cats but other pets benefit from good oral health as well.

Rabbits and some pocket pets like guinea pigs can suffer from malocclusion of their teeth, which occurs when teeth are out of alignment and become overgrown. This type of “off bite” can mean incredible pain, infections, and even weight loss and death for some pets. Your veterinarian can trim or remove teeth as needed or show you how to trim and file misaligned teeth. Some pets end up needing special food or having their food softened while healing.

If your rabbit develops inflammation or infection in her mouth, there are products that can help. Maxi Guard Oral Gel can be used for exotic pets as well as dogs and cats. Zinc ascorbate taurine is one of the primary compounds in the gel, but the zinc levels are safe for all pets.

Snakes and iguanas will sometimes get ulcerative stomatitis (also called mouth rot) or inflammation of their mouths as well. This is another condition that the Maxi Guard products can help treat. These pets may show cheesy-looking caked areas in the mouth and may drool. Antibiotics and a mouth wash may be prescribed by your veterinarian.

For birds, Maxi Guard may be used to treat low grade sinus infections. Birds may also need beak trims and beak care for mite infections–not exactly “dental” care but certainly oral care! Turtles are another group of pets that sometimes need beak trims. Your veterinarian can do this for you or teach you how. Birds and turtles with misaligned beaks need periodic trims to help them eat normally.


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