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Easy DIY Pet Halloween Costumes!

halloween8Halloween is right around the corner, so it is definitely time to start getting your pets’ Halloween costumes together! The only thing more important than your costume, is obviously your beloved animals’ costumes; because lets be real, they are much cuter. Not to mention, you could win a free $100 gift card to VetDepot if you enter our costume contest! Stores have some pretty cute options for pet costumes, but they can be pretty pricey and cheaply-made on top of that. If you have some extra time on your hands and/or love to be crafty, here are some adorable costume ideas that you can try to get together for your pet! Everyone will ooh and aah over your adorable pet, and then once you say, “I made it myself!” they will automatically think you are amazing.


  1. Princess Leia: Let’s start with something easy, shall we? These costume ideas are perfect if you are “sort of” crafty, but not really into sewing or any hardcore artistry. Not to mention, if you’re a Star Wars fan, then you need to try it! This costume is basically just a piece of fabric draped around your dog, with cut out felt shapes, yarn, and ribbon, to embelish. Sounds pretty easy, right? This simple (yet effective) idea is from Makezine.com, so check it out; there are Darth Vader and Ewok costume instructions as well!halloween3
  2. Harry Potter: Similar to the Princess Leia and Darth Vader costumes above, this Harry Potter costume is also a piece of black fabric draped around the dog, with cut out felt shapes to make the Gryffindor emblem on his cape. Then, just some black pipe cleaners for glasses, and you’re good to go! Again, extremely easy to assemble, but extremely adorable, thanks to AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com! If you want to add a tongue-in-cheek touch, you can give your dog a delicious chew stick and tell people it’s their wand. halloween6
  3. Prison Inmate: Again, 75% of the costume is just draping a piece of white (or orange for a more modern look) fabric over your pet, so it’s super stress-free for you to do this! Even better, if you have a white shirt that is already not looking too great, either color black stripes right onto it, or cut out pieces of black felt and glue/velcro/sew them to it! You don’t really need instructions on how to do this one, I promise. halloween7
  4. Chef: Another simple costume idea, is the classic French chef look – which can be easily achieved with some white tissue paper, tape, white cardstock, and a few other materials. Thanks to HGTV.com for this adorable costume idea! If you aren’t a Star Wars or Harry Potter fan, you can at least put forth the effort for this.halloween1
  5. Butterfly/Fairy: This costume surprisingly requires no sewing whatsoever, and produces ridiculously adorable results! I might be stretching it here, but I think you could even make this costume for yourself if you are in a pinch; let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a fairy? Another great idea from HGTV.com, you only need some glittery cardstock, glue, and some time to put this together!
  6. Spider: Besides HGTV, another treasure trove of pet costume ideas is MarthaStewart.com, which includes this adorable spider costume! It may look complicated and therefore not worth the time or effort – but it actually is pretty simple. Martha Stewart has made templates for the body parts for you, and you just simply need to print them out and trace them over felt/fabric! Of course, you have to cut them out, glue/sew the ends together, stuff them, and attach them all together; but it sounds fun and I honestly am going to try it! Thanks, Martha!halloween5
  7. Rastafarian: Whether you’re a Bob Marley fan, or a fan of Jamaica/the Rastafarian lifestyle in general, you will enjoy this costume! Even if you aren’t, you’ll still think this costume is adorable. A bit of a heads-up before you get too excited – you’ll need to either know how to crochet, or be willing to learn how to crochet in order to make the hat part. HGTV.com does a fairly good job at telling you the basics of crochet that are needed for this costume, and the dreadlocks are extremely simple once you finish the hat. wilecoyote
  8. Wile E. Coyote: A classic character that most people would recognize, this Wile E. Coyote costume is honestly GENIUS. Props to Cloverhill.com for this amazing idea, and with an awesome set of instructions along with it that are super easy to follow! Again, it looks a little complex, but it actually isn’t – and you can make it with stuff from around your house! If anyone makes this costume, please send me a picture because it’s A W E S O M E.bat
  9. Bat: It’s a little difficult to tell if this cat loves being a bat or hates it, but either way it’s incredibly adorable. It’s perfect for cats too, because it doesn’t involve wrapping them in anything, which they usually don’t enjoy. Again, HGTV.com comes in with this very easy-to-follow instruction manual for this idea! Everyone will go absolutely batty over this costume (sorry I had to)!doggydino
  10. Dinosaur: This could potentially be a more involved process, but Martha Stewart comes through once again with her printable templates which make this costume possible for us non-craft-experts to make! You’ll need some felt, and an old/cheap tank top and good direction-following skills.
  11. ratwitchWitch: The good thing about a witch’s costume, is that most of it is just the iconic, pointy hat. If you’re feeling fancy (like this adorable rat), you can throw on a little black tutu as well, maybe even a little broom! I can’t find the directions for this costume, but from the looks of it, it requires some simple felt crafting, and a little piece of elastic and black fabric for the witch’s dress. For more rat costume ideas, check out the Pinterest board for them!flower
  12. Flower: Not only is this costume beautiful AND cute, but it doesn’t require any sewing! While it does look a bit intricate, it can easily be done – it all comes down to just cutting out different shapes from felt. You can be as basic or as complex as you want depending on your craft expertise, but no matter what the result, everyone will be impressed! Jeez, HGTV, why are you SO AMAZING?

If you try any of these costume ideas, PLEASE enter our Halloween Costume Contest with a picture of your results! Either use the hashtag #VetDepotHalloween on Instagram/Twitter or message the picture to our VetDepot Facebook page or nik@vetdepot.com. Good luck, and let your creativity run wild!

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  • Heather October 27, 2016, 11:19 am

    These are so cute! Thank you for sharing!

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